All your wallet in one card

CardBlanch combines all your reward and banking cards into one single digital or ceramic card and application.

Complete spending analytics in one place

Paying with CardBlanch is fantastic because you don’t need to use any other budgeting apps or old fashion excel to get 360 angle insights on your spendings.

Contactless payments for all your cards

CardBlanch card is payWave and can be added to apple and google wallets. This means that when you connect your simple banking card, it becomes payWave ready.

Complete automation

No need to set up any rules. CardBlanch uses edge tech to apply your reward programs and selects the best card for your shopping on the go.

Go back in time

You can move any of your payments from one card to another up to 14 days back.

Smart settlement

Shopping with several cards takes some effort at the end of the month to settle down the liabilities. With CardBlanch smart settlement, it is easy as pressing one button.

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One card for all you loyalty and credit cards

How it works

Point 1:

Install CardBlanch application

Point 2:

We pull and show all your rewards and discount cards

Point 3:

Connect all your banking cards

Point 4:

Activate and add CardBlanch card to your wallet

Point 5:

Use CardBlanch to pay for goods at your favorite merchant

Point 6:

We check and apply your discount

Point 7:

We select the card with the best deal and charge it

Point 8:

ou receive rewards from your bank

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